White Charcoal

For centuries, the Japanese have produced active, handcrafted charcoal commonly known as White Charcoal”. This material has long been cherished for its unique ability to naturally purify materials by attracting, adsorbing and encapsulating harmful substances to its surface. As it is a solid form of carbon, it also balances the global CO2 challenge..

We believe that modern people are exposed to an increasing amount of toxins in our daily lives. Our tap-water is polluted by fertilisers, the air we breathe is polluted by petrol fumes and the beauty products we use often contain cheap chemicals that end up trapped in our body. Therefore, Sort of Coal have specialized in producing beautiful and functional White Charcoal products that naturally purifies air, water and body.


Sort of Coal

Sort of Coal is a pioneering Danish company with a particular passion for the extraordinary material. With White Charcoal as a central element in all of our design, we combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship with functional Danish design.


Our belief

We believe it is time to recognise this ancient knowledge by modernising and innovating the use of White Charcoal in contemporary Danish design. We wish to cherish the power, beauty and balance of nature and enable it to work its magic and enrich our modern lives.


Cubed White Charcoal brilliant at freshening smaller spaces.

What is it?

This neat little black cube efficiently purifies and refreshes the air in smaller spaces as it reduces odours. Try it in places such as drawers, closets, the car or your refrigerator.

Moreover, it can be used to keep food fresh by adsorbing ethylene gas - try placing it in your fruit bowl and it will stay fresher for longer.

6 x 6 x 6 cm

Tested and documented effect by Danish Technological Institute. 


What is it made of?

Kuro Cube is made from powdered and compressed White Charcoal.

This is the highest grade of charcoal available with an extremely high carbon content.

The raw material is Korean oak and the powdered White Charcoal is organically produced and handcrafted in Korea.

How to use?

Remove the plastic cover and place your Kuro Cube straight into your fridge or in any small space you want to deodorise.

Occasionally exposing your Kuro Cube to sunlight allows it to dry out thoroughly and regain its ability to adsorb.

Do not use a microwave oven for this purpose.

How long does it last?

Kuro Cube remains active for one year.

How to recycle?

A used Kuro Cube is an excellent fertiliser. Just crush it and mix with potting soil, in order to nourish it and regulate its PH levels.

Raw Material

White Charcoal is made from wood, but differs from regular charcoal in just about every other way. 

As tradition dictates, the best quality branches are individually selected from slow growing, hard wood trees in the mountain forests of Japan and Korea.

These forests are maintained by craftsmen who harvest from them in such a way that new branches are encouraged to grow. 

These new branches adsorb higher levels of CO2 than their predecessors, giving greater benefit to the surrounding environment and providing a plentiful harvest for the craftsmen. 

The natural minerals that the trees adsorb as they grow are captured inside the White Charcoal when it is made. 


Our White Charcoal is produced using the same methods and processes that have been used for centuries. 

In this ancient Japanese method, pieces of wood are baked in hand-built clay kilns,  - low temperatures at first and then at extremely high temperatures with restricted oxygen. 

This allows carbon to be captured in the wood, a process called pyrolysis. 

Perfecting the difficult ritual of burning requires patience and dedication and the people who produce White Charcoal are artisans and often have a family history of being charcoal makers. 

Although many Asian countries produce Binchotan, Kishu Binchotan is superior due to the potent combination of the best quality Japanese Oak and the traditional unique craftsmanship.

Char Essence

Even the by-products of White Charcoal are beneficial. At Sort Of Coal we use one in particular: Char Essence. 

The essence is essentially the condensation that occurs whilst the charcoal is being baked. It is collected as the kiln cools down and is then distilled. 

The essence turns from something dirty and smokey into a clear liquid with potent nutritional and disinfectant qualities. It is used in body products such as soaps and shampoos and it can also be added to drinking water.

White Charcoal

This remarkable material has been used for centuries and yet its qualities and benefits have never been more relevant. 

White Charcoal contains more than 90 percent pure carbon and has a powerful ability to adsorb due to its extremely porous surface. White Charcoal is at the heart of Asian traditions surrounding wellbeing and purification.

Life Cycle

A cradle-to-cradle concept was our ambition from the beginning. Therefore Sort Of Coal products have an efficient, waste-free lifecycle. 

Cross-cutting the wood to make White Charcoal is done in such a thoughtful way so that the forests are restored rather than destroyed. 

When you need to dispose it, White Charcoal can be used as an excellent fertiliser. 

It encaptures the power, beauty and balance of nature. 

White Charcoal is a natural product with a lifecycle that is beneficial at every step.

Kuro Cube

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